Sunday, March 25, 2012

Benedict in Mexico - Day 3

The Day's Events


  • The Holy Father in Mexico: Friday and Saturday: Pope Benedict XVI's visit is met with enthusiasm -- and attacks, by Matthew Cullinan Hoffman. (Catholic World Report 3/25/12):
    Pope Benedict XVI arrived in Mexico Friday to an enthusiastic welcome from crowds of Catholic faithful and government officials, evoking memories of Pope John Paul II's many successful trips to the world's largest Spanish-speaking country. However, the pontiff's journey is also becoming the occasion of a carefully-planned attack by a victim of the late Fr. Marcial Maciel, who accuses Benedict, John Paul, and other high officials of the Church of failing to respond adequately to the accusations against the sexually-abusive priest.
  • Pope greets Mexicans affected by notorious crimes, by David Agren. (Catholic News Service 3/25/12):
    Pope Benedict XVI greeted Mexicans who lost loved ones in some of the country's most notorious crimes, events that horrified Mexico and generated international headlines.

    They were among people the pope greeted privately March 24 following his public appearance in the city of Guanajuato. No details were provided, although the office of President Felipe Calderon issued a list of the eight attendees and crimes that affected them.

Pope Benedict XVI wears a traditional Mexican hat while driving through a crowd before officiating mass in Silao March 25, 2012. Source: Reuters
Pope Benedict XVI walks with his pastoral staff prior to the start of Sunday Mass in Bicentennial Park near Silao, Mexico, Sunday March 25, 2012. Source: Associated Press
  • Pope Benedict XVI Urges Mexico to Keep Faith Despite Drug Violence, Immigration (Fox News Latino 3/25/12):
    Pope Benedict XVI urged Mexicans to hold strong to the Catholic faith -- even amidst drug violence, poverty and the pains caused by mass immigration to the north -- at a Sunday Mass under the blazing sun.

    Many in the crowd said they were gratified by Benedict's recognition of their country's problems and said they felt reinvigorated in what they described as a daily struggle against criminality, corruption and economic hardship.

    Benedict delivered the message to an estimated 350,000 people in the shadow of the Christ the King monument, one of the most important symbols of Mexican Christianity, which recalls the 1920s Roman Catholic uprising against the anti-clerical laws that forbade public worship services such as the one Benedict celebrated.

  • Pope's unscheduled meeting with Mexican drug war victims (La Stampa "The Vatican Insider" 3/25/12):
    It was an unexpected meeting that was not in the Pope's official schedule but it will be remembered as one of the most significant moments of Benedict XVI's trip to Mexico. On the occasion of their meeting in Guanajuato, Mexican President Felipe Calderon arranged for the Pope to meet a group of eight family members of victims of organised crime. The Pope was thus able to express his support in the struggle against the main plague that is afflicting Mexico: the drug wars that are causing so much bloodshed (50 thousand deaths over the last five years).

    The attention given to this issue was highlighted by Ratzinger and Calderon's joint call, together with two Holy See and Mexican government delegations - gathered in Guanajuato – for a swift conclusion of the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). Both parties wished to speed along the proceedure because “the proliferation [of small arms and light weapons] is favouring illegal activities in organised crime. The treaty is also aimed at responsibly regulating the trade of arms “in order to prevent their possession by criminal groups.”

    The Pope's meeting with family members of drug war victims was intense and moving. Each one of them had a story to tell. Family members included ... [Read More]

Pope Benedict XVI waves as he arrives in his Popemobile to lead a mass at the Parque del Bicentenario in Silao March 25, 2012. Source: Reuters
  • In Mexico, pope says social change will come with revival of faith, by Francis X Rocca. (Catholic News Service 3/26/12):
    Visiting Latin America for the second time in his pontificate, Pope Benedict XVI offered a message of hope for social progress rooted in a revival of Catholic faith.

    The overriding message of the pope's public statements during his three days in Mexico, March 23-26, was that this troubled country, and the region in general, cannot solve their problems -- which include poverty, inequality, corruption and violence -- by following the prescriptions of secular ideologies.

    Instead, the pope said, peace and justice in this world require a divinely inspired change in the human heart.

Pope Benedict XVI leads a Vespers prayer at the Cathedral of Leon March 25, 2012.. Source: Reuters
  • Pope bids warm farewell to Mexico, heads to Cuba, by David Agren (Catholic News Service 3/26/12). Pope Benedict XVI bade Mexico a warm "adios," emphasizing he meant, "Remain with God," concluding a trip marked by outpourings of faith and affection from people in the world's second-most populous Catholic country.

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